Forest Floor Film

Immersive video portraits for makers, creatives & small businesses.


The name Forest Floor Film is inspired by my first trip to Olympic National Park, where I wandered through a misty rainforest that before had only lived in my dreams. I have always been drawn to the ethereal colors, textures, and soundscapes of nature, but the lush green ferns lining the path of the Hoh Rainforest captivated me in a wholly unique way. 

The rich hues of the dirt, the varied textures of the moss, and even the smallest of details overwhelmed me: I was in awe of these small wonders, and how often they go unnoticed in favor of grand, sweeping landscapes. There is so much beauty to be found on the forest floor, if we only pause to take it in. 

I bring this same sense of appreciation and wonder to each of my video collaborations. I have always admired creative people who pursue what they love, and dedicate themselves to their craft. As an artist myself, I want to create a unique film that captures the spirit of your work in a way that feels authentic and personal to you.

Photo by Isabel Farrington

Photo by Isabel Farrington

While studying film at Sarah Lawrence College and FAMU (Film & Television Academy in Prague, CZ) I began developing my own naturalistic style. Video portraits bring me a sense of freedom in my own creative process that I love to embrace.

My hope is each portrait immerses the viewer in a process unfamiliar to them, and inspires them to appreciate something in a new way. Bringing small businesses and artisans one step closer to the people who admire and appreciate their craft.

Much like the forest floor, the beauty is already there — we’re just capturing it.

Music & Sound

Sound and music is essential to creating an immersive atmosphere. Once I have finished my edit of your portrait, I pass it along to Tyler. He composes an original piece of music inspired by the visuals we’ve captured. The magic really begins when he folds the music into the natural soundscape of your process, composing a unique and rich soundtrack.


Interested in collaborating? Send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.